Gucci's Cruise 2025 show lights up London's Tate Modern
©Photo: Gucci

Gucci’s Cruise 2025 show lights up London’s Tate Modern

Gucci's Cruise 2025 show at London's Tate Modern, led by Creative director Sabato de Sarno, will capture the diverse spirit of the city while supporting the museum's Electric Dreams exhibition and nurturing young creatives through a three-year partnership.
May 4, 2024

Gucci will present the Cruise 2025 (Resort 2025) show at London’s Tate Modern on May 13th. Creative director Sabato de Sarno, who took the helm last January, will present his first Cruise collection inspired by the vibrant spirit of London.

Tate Modern stands as a hub of creativity and dialogue, where diverse perspectives converge to spark meaningful conversations and foster cultural exchange,” Gucci said in a statement. “Here, the interplay of art and architecture creates an environment that inspires innovation and challenges boundaries, much like the city itself. Inspired by multiple journeys to London over time, where he immersed himself in the city’s diverse cultures, Sabato de Sarno seeks to capture the essence of London’s spirit – a coming together of ideas, styles and personalities, defined by contrasts that spark creativity.”

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Gucci’s connection to London is deeply rooted in the brand’s history, dating back to founder Guccio Gucci’s humble beginnings as a porter and elevator boy at the Savoy Hotel in 1897. Inspired by the luxurious luggage of his guests, Gucci created his own line of exquisite suitcases and bags and established the brand in Florence in 1921.

In addition to the Cruise 2025 show, Gucci will support the Tate Modern’s upcoming exhibition “Electric Dreams“, opening this fall, and embark on a three-year partnership to support the museum’s work with young creatives. This collaboration reflects Gucci’s longstanding commitment to supporting culturally significant places and empowering diverse communities through inclusivity and creativity.

The Cruise 2025 show follows Gucci‘s successful Cruise 2024 presentation at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul last year, which celebrated the brand’s 25th anniversary in South Korea. This collection was designed by an in-house team following the departure of former Creative director Alessandro Michele in November 2022.

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