Hermès Fall-Winter 2024 "Second Chapter’’, a Parisian interlude in New York City

Hermès Fall/Winter 2024 “Second Chapter’’, a Parisian interlude in New York City

The "Second Chapter" of Hermès Fall/Winter 2024, presented in New York City by Nadège Vanhée, was a vibrant fusion of Parisian elegance and urban dynamism. The collection featured practical yet stylish pieces, from leather trousers and cowboy boots to statement outerwear and chic accessories.
June 9, 2024

Nadège Vanhée, Artistic director of Hermès, channeled her inner New Yorker for a special presentation of the Fall/Winter 2024 collection. This “Second Chapter” wasn’t just a repeat of the Paris debut in March; it was a vibrant reimagining tailored for the urban energy of the Big Apple.

Vanhée’s tenure at Hermès is a testament to her creative vision. Having spent four formative years in New York before joining the house, she brings a unique perspective that bridges the gap between Parisian elegance and American dynamism. This “Second Chapter” served as a love letter to both cities, presenting a collection that seamlessly fused French finesse with the electric spirit of New York City.

The presentation itself was a departure from tradition. Bypassing the usual resort season shows, Hermès staged a one-of-a-kind event at Pier 36, transforming the cavernous space into a chic, urban oasis. The collection reflected this urban theme. While Hermès is known for its equestrian roots, Vanhée presented a Fall/Winter 2024 collection that was decidedly urban. Think high-waisted leather trousers paired with coveted cowboy boots, a perfect blend of Parisian chic and downtown cool.

In this “Second Chapter,” practicality met style. Roomy jumpsuits in unique fabrics like horizontal corduroy offered comfort and a touch of quiet rebellion. The ubiquitous Hermès scarves, this time playfully tucked into collars, added a signature touch of Parisian elegance. Accessories were a highlight, with models sporting fistfuls of bracelets and rings that exuded effortless confidence.

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Despite its urban focus, the collection didn’t lose sight of Hermès’ heritage. The brand’s signature Kelly bags were reimagined for city life, worn cross-body or cinched at the waist for hands-free convenience. Statement outerwear, a must-have for any city dweller, took center stage. Reversible puffers in bold colors like electric blue shearling and classic leather offered a playful juxtaposition. A surprising addition was a taxi yellow trench with contrasting brown leather cuffs, a vibrant departure from the typical black favored by both French and New York fashionistas.

The evening ended with a delightful surprise. After Vanhée’s well-deserved bow, the venue was transformed into a lively bar called “Hermès Manhattan Roquebar“. “Roquebar“, a French term for a striped horsehair carpet, was a subtle nod to the collection’s recurring motif. Guests were treated to a performance by Caroline Polachek, whose hit song ‘’So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’’ perfectly captured the energy and spirit of Vanhée’s “Second Chapter.”

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