Isabel Marant unveils new boutiques in Tokyo and East Hampton
Isabel Marant's boutique in Tokyo / ©Photo: Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant unveils new boutiques in Tokyo and East Hampton

July 6, 2023

World-renowned designer, Isabel Marant, continues to set the pace for the high-end fashion industry, with her recent expansion of an already impressive retail empire. With new, trail-blazing locations in Tokyo and East Hampton, Marant’s stores have grown to a formidable fleet of 81.

Isabel Marant’s Tokyo boutique, a collaboration with Japanese artist Yutaka Sone, is a blend of the whimsical and the sublime. Dubbed the ‘Yellow House‘, this 2,152 square feet (200m2) architectural marvel encapsulates Marant’s vision, showcasing her ready-to-wear and accessories collections in a space adorned with intricate art pieces. Drawing inspiration from Sone’s earlier works, “Power of Ten” and “Obsidian“, the store features an eye-catching façade, a visual metaphor for Marant’s commitment to artistry and craftsmanship.

In this unique retail space, Marant’s bold approach to spatial design shines through. She transforms the boutique’s interiors with playful elements: ceiling cut-outs reminiscent of dress patterns, vibrant colored obsidian stones, and carved wooden units, all set against the backdrop of plush Berber sofas. The custom-made Terrazzo floor, Marant’s brainchild, mirrors an outdoor landscape, dotted with natural stones and glass. This masterful blend of elements transports customers from the bustling Tokyo streets into a serene, nature-inspired sanctuary.

We are thrilled to partner with Yutaka Sone for our new shop in Tokyo Aoyama. This collaboration allows us to merge different perspectives and disciplines, creating something new and unique that transcends the boundaries of our individual fields”, says Marant.

The store stocks Marant’s full range of offerings, from dresses and relaxed tailoring to the popular Oskan Moon bag and Balskee wedge sneakers. To mark the opening, an exclusive launch event is slated for July 6th.

A contrast to Tokyo’s vibrant urban scene, Isabel Marant‘s debut store in East Hampton draws its inspiration from the French experimental movement of the ’70s. Located at 66 Newton Lane, this 904-square-foot boutique brings the vintage chic aura of the era to Long Island’s East End.

The store presents a thoughtfully curated display of Marant’s main line for women, Isabel Marant Etoile collection, and accessories. Furnished with eclectic pieces, the boutique houses a jewelry and sunglasses display and wooden podiums crafted by Rotterdam designer Jonas Lutz. Furthermore, ceramic glazed podiums developed by Spanish studio Apparatu and concrete and ceramic planters by Parisian artist Kalou Dubus add to the boutique’s artistic flair, creating an immersive shopping experience.

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