Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2023

Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023

July 2, 2023

With an air of invigorating energy, Simon Porte Jacquemus once again imprinted his unique fashion narrative, this time on the grand grounds of the Palace of Versailles, echoing the legendary fashion event of 1973, the Battle of Versailles. However, this modern spectacle, draped in Jacquemus magic, promises a renewed interaction between the people and this iconic palace, further enhancing the ubiquity of the Jacquemus brand in the world of luxury fashion.

Building on a year of strategic preparation and laying the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship with Versailles, this magnificent presentation by Jacquemus is as much a tribute to the palace’s historical grandeur as it is a statement of his brand’s connection with youthful aspirations. Indeed, the synergy between the past and the present was on full display, brilliantly interweaving the history of the palace with the unique “coolness” of the Jacquemus brand, as noted by CEO Bastien Daguzan.

Daguzan further elaborated on the inclusivity of this visual journey, emphasizing the brand’s attempt to showcase Versailles as accessible, as an experience that resonates with the younger audience. It was this seamless blend of luxury and accessibility that formed the cornerstone of the show, painting the palace and the designer’s offerings in the same vibrant colors of aspiration and approachability.

Remembering his first romantic rendez-vous at Versailles, Jacquemus had always dreamt of introducing his collection at this palace. His dream saw fruition as guests viewed the show from boats, embodying the designer’s vision of a seamless amalgamation of spectacle and simplicity. This unique approach to his collection’s introduction further enhanced the image of Jacquemus as a master showman, crafting narratives that transcend conventional fashion norms.

While the choice to display his collection outdoors might seem unconventional given the opulent setting, Jacquemus explains that his intention was to harmoniously blend with the palace’s surroundings rather than impose on it. Drawing on elements coexistent with his design philosophy, Jacquemus channeled the theatricality of Marie Antoinette and the utilitarian language of his brand, while paying a fitting homage to Princess Diana.

Inspired by the whimsicality of the ’80s, the collection presented a parade of puffy silhouettes, polka-dot dresses, and rounded sleeves, promising to become Jacquemus’ signature style. Echoing Vivienne Westwood, tutus were used to accentuate femininity, appearing as petticoats or mini crinolines. The collection was further characterized by its flat mules and rose-print tights, drawing from the elegant ballet culture.

The Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023 collection, named ‘’Le Chouchou’’, showcased the designer’s innovative tailoring, reimagining royal dressing with a playful twist. Despite the overwhelming array of references, Jacquemus’s skill in translating and propelling online trends was evident. The anticipation of Versailles-inspired fashion trending on social platforms post-show was palpable.

As the week-long fashion marathon unfolded in Paris, Jacquemus’ presentation at Versailles reinforced his position as a designer who continually raises his own bar. Unlike the Battle of Versailles, this event celebrated the symbiotic relationship between creative energy and a keen business eye. For Jacquemus, there was no battle at Versailles, just a victory lap – a testament to his unique vision and an anticipation of more such wondrous tales from this versatile storyteller.

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