The end of an era: Jeremy Scott bids farewell to Moschino

The end of an era: Jeremy Scott bids farewell to Moschino

March 22, 2023

The curtain falls on a remarkable era of innovation and flair as Jeremy Scott, the creative mastermind behind Moschino, parts ways with the brand after a dazzling 10-year tenure. Aeffe, Moschino’s parent company, announced the news on Monday, reflecting on a decade marked by Scott’s unique vision, which reinvigorated the brand while playfully exploring consumerism in the digital age.

Massimo Ferretti, executive chairman of Aeffe, expressed his gratitude for Scott’s unwavering commitment to the legacy of Franco Moschino. He praised the designer for “ushering in a distinct and joyful vision that will forever be a part of Moschino history“. Scott reciprocated the sentiment, describing his time at Moschino as “a wonderful celebration of creativity and imagination“.

The end of an era: Jeremy Scott bids farewell to Moschino

During his time at the brand, Scott catapulted Moschino to new heights with his signature brand of ironic postmodern pop humor. His designs became a favorite of celebrities, with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry sporting memorable Moschino creations on various occasions.

Scott’s tenure at Moschino was characterized by theatrical productions and a cheeky take on the zeitgeist. He forged partnerships with H&M, Mattel, and The Sims, creating sought-after collections that further cemented the brand’s place in the fashion world.

The end of an era: Jeremy Scott bids farewell to Moschino

Prior to Jeremy Scott‘s arrival, Moschino had been led by two previous designers: Franco Moschino himself and Rossella Jardini, who each contributed their unique styles to the brand’s legacy. Scott’s debut collection in 2014 set the tone for his time at Moschino, cleverly weaving American consumerism themes into runway pieces.

Jeremy Scott’s departure comes at the end of his contract, and sources say the parting is amicable. A successor has not yet been named, but Ferretti has been in talks with potential candidates. As for Scott’s future plans, he hinted at exciting new ventures on Instagram, perhaps even reviving his namesake designer brand that was put on hold in 2019.

The end of an era: Jeremy Scott bids farewell to Moschino

In envisioning a potential successor, Massimo Ferreri imagines someone who could bring a “less playful and more chic” sensibility to Moschino. He sees parallels with the Schiaparelli brand, both known for their disruptive designs and unexpected elements.

Moschino’s journey has been marked by the creative influences of its designers, and Scott’s departure signals a new chapter for the brand. As Scott himself put it, “Every book has chapters, and as I end this chapter, I am excited to share with the world my next chapter“. The fashion world now waits with bated breath to see what the future holds for Moschino and Jeremy Scott alike.