Why celebrity jeweler Ben Baller’s new eyewear sollection sould shape retro style in 2023

January 26, 2023
Ben Baller x James Oro

Following the emergence of a series of bold new eyewear styles in 2022, this summer’s fashion is ripe for innovation yet again, and the timely release of celebrity jeweler Ben Baller’s collaboration with eyewear brand James Oro could be a catalyst for the return of retro fashion in 2023.

We’re no strangers to retro trends when it comes to eyewear fashion. 2022 saw the reemergence of small lens sunglasses that rose to prominence around the time of the release of The Matrix in cinemas, while the gas station shades trend also found widespread celebrity acclaim in recent months.

While both of 2022’s boldest trends sought to recapture 90s chic, Ben Baller has clearly tapped into his family’s 35-years of jewelry-making history to develop his collaborative collection with James Oro–developing a stunning remake of the brands’ popular HUNNID$ glasses.

Blending Retro with Modernity

In his design, Baller has sought to combine James Oro’s HUNNID$ with a striking flat top frame that looks right at home at the pinnacle of 80s fashion as well as the focal point of the 2010s favorite ‘deal with it’ meme.

Ben Baller x James Oro
©Photo: NTWRK

The limited edition collaboration sees custom statement frames handcrafted from 8mm Italian acetate encompassing high-quality polarized lenses and eye-catching metal detailing.

Dubbed the BOSCH, the collection’s name stems from Baller’s favorite series, and features the celebrity jeweler’s unmistakable double B logo on its temple tips–along with the mantra ‘this is not your practice life’ engraved into the interior wire core.

Baller has made custom diamond jewelry for some of the world’s most famous musicians, including the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Drake, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, and Tyler The Creator. But in producing this collaboration with James Oro, the Korean-American jeweler clearly taps into his multiple decades of industry experience to create striking eyewear.

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Borrowing a Cue from Hollywood Fashion

While Baller’s black BOSCH glasses represent a throwback to 1980s pop fashion, these clear frames take the form of 1990s high fashion, and the daring design strikes an unmissable look that’s set for the summer.

We’ve seen clear and gold frames looking good in Tom Ford collections in the past, and this design from Baller and Oro uses the striking appearance of clear Italian acetate to thicken the frames and create a unique statement in eyewear fashion.

Ben Baller x James Oro
©Photo: NTWRK

Anticipating 2023’s Biggest Trends

Baller’s collection has arrived in time to anticipate some of the biggest trends emerging in 2023, including the return of transparent and translucent frames and thick lens designs.

The addition of the flat top frame makes the BOSCH collection a unique twist that’s set to inspire followers of fashion throughout the summer months.

According to Fashion Eyewear, Baller’s eyewear also anticipates the growing trend of flat eyewear that’s emerging in 2023 while also featuring a knowing nod to the much revered retro lines inspired by decades gone by.

With prices for Baller’s collection starting at under $200, the BOSCH is likely to be a range that we can enjoy on all occasions, and can help to build a strong summer identity over the warmer months.

When it comes to combining a striking modern twist for a style that’s steeped in retro chic, there may be no look that’s set to be more eye-catching in 2023. The option of purchasing the range in a timeless blacked-out look or by opting for the bold transparency of fully transparent frames means that customers can create two contrasting styles within the same design.

Although it remains to be seen whether flat top frames can emulate the furore surrounding gas station shades and small lenses last year, the arrival of Ben Baller’s BOSCH collaboration with James Oro is likely to become a trendsetter in this year’s retro style.