JW Anderson Fall Winter 2021

JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2021

March 11, 2021

With his past shows ‘’in a box’’, ‘’on the wall’’, or even ‘’in a book’’, Jonathan Anderson is a master in terms of semi-tangible, semi-digital presentation that he is using to share his thoughts on fashion’s place in the new world.

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Presented in the form of 19 posters, the JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2021 collection brought together the visions of three artists: ceramicist Magdalene Odundo, American artist Shawanda Corbett, and photographer Juergen Teller. Through this multidisciplinary approach, the British designer delivered ‘’one of his most personal projects’’ to date.

Dame Magdalene Odundo and Shawanda Corbett both agreed to collaborate with Jonathan for the collection imagery, as well as for limited-edition blankets based on three works each. They’ll be sold alongside his Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which was all about form, silhouette and the body as a vessel, something to be adorned or wrapped up, which is a familiar theme in Anderson’s work.

Exploring the theme of volume, a recurring feature in Anderson’s collections, the range played with shape and form, crafting cocoon-like knitwear and experimenting with layering and textures. In terms of footwear, new iterations of the signature JW Anderson chain loafers made an appearance, this time in the form of glittery rubber wellies in bold colors like gold and purple, as well as a classic black version.


©JW Anderson