Kering's luxurious new headquarters at Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo
Kering's new headquarters located on Milan's Via Senato / ©Photo: Kering

Kering’s luxurious new headquarters at Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo

May 26, 2023

In a testament to Kering’s escalating commitment to Milan’s luxury scene, the group has officially moved into the refurbished 18th-century estate, Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo. This relocation is not merely a shift of address; it signifies Kering’s heightened investment in Italy and a vision to foster closer connections with the city’s vibrant fashion landscape.

At the grand opening, the group’s CEO, François-Henri Pinault, was in attendance alongside numerous high-profile executives including Gucci’s president and CEO, Marco Bizzarri, and Pomellato’s CEO, Sabina Belli. The new headquarters exhibits the spectacular restoration work executed by Hines, transforming the Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo into a modern office space without compromising its historical charm.

The architectural wonder stretches across 102,257 square feet over six levels and provides breathtaking vistas of Milan’s Golden Triangle luxury shopping district and the tranquil Indro Montanelli gardens. The Palazzo, earlier the focus of renovation under the Spiga 26 project, is already home to an array of brands, including Moschino and Sergio Rossi.

Kering's luxurious new headquarters at Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo
©Photo: Kering

Speaking at the event, Pinault acknowledged Italy’s paramount importance to Kering, stating, “We’re globally very committed to the future of Italy and the territory and when it’s necessary we try to stand as much as we can by the Italian people in difficult times“. His statement came in the backdrop of Kering’s recent contribution to the Emilia-Romagna region following severe flooding.

The move is part of a broader Kering strategy that saw the opening of a cutting-edge global logistics hub in Trecate, Italy, in 2021. The facility spans more than 1.7 million square feet and employs about 1,000 people.

The luxury conglomerate’s commitment to the Italian market extends to the development of industrial hubs for non-Italian brands such as Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. As Pinault pointed out, “The reason is that in certain activities of the group, when it comes to the know-how and skills that are needed, they are only available in those territories of Italy, so this is why we’re continuously investing on capabilities here”.

The new headquarters is a prime example of this continued investment. Five floors of the premises are occupied by workspaces, boasting an innovative design ethos that reflects the Italian aesthetic. Organic and soft colors, with natural light permeating the space, creates an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration. Additionally, there is a 16,145-square-foot terrace that offers an unrivaled view of the Duomo cathedral and neighboring rooftops.

Kering's luxurious new headquarters at Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo
The rooftop of Kering’s new headquarters on Milan’s Via Senato / ©Photo: Kering

Pinault concluded his opening speech by reinforcing Kering’s role in Italy’s luxury sector, stating, “With these new offices we really want to strengthen even more the role of the group as a key player of the Italian luxury and business landscape”.

The relocation to Palazzo Pertusati Groppallo solidifies Kering’s position in the Italian market, proving once again its commitment to the country’s social, economic, and fashion landscapes. Currently, Kering employs 13,000 individuals in Italy, running 40 facilities including production sites, design studios, offices and laboratories, out of a global workforce of 47,000.

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