Kyle Kuzma x Puma Hoops second collection: Chases dreams in style

Kyle Kuzma x Puma Hoops second collection: Chases dreams in style

Step into style with Kyle Kuzma x Puma Hoops' second collection, ''Childhood Dreams Collection,'' which fuses athletic performance with high fashion for dreamers and doers.
November 9, 2023

NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma has once again teamed up with Puma Hoops to present their second collection. Dubbed the ”Childhood Dreams Collection,” this line of apparel and footwear is more than a fashion statement – it’s a nod to the power of ambition and the spirit of perseverance.

The collection reflects Kuzma’s journey from young dreamer to basketball icon and embodies the mantra, “Dreams Work Too.” It’s a rallying cry for all to relentlessly pursue their passions, just as Kuzma did. The line is steeped in nostalgia yet pulses with contemporary flair, showcasing retro color blocks and work-inspired design twists that are perfectly in line with Kuzma’s signature aesthetic.

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At the heart of this fashion-forward lineup is the All-Pro NITRO sneaker, Puma Hoops’ latest marvel that redefines what it means to bring your A-game. Featuring dual density NITRO™ SQD foam, the shoe is designed for athletes who move with purpose and style connoisseurs looking for the next big thing in sneaker culture.

Kyle Kuzma x Puma Hoops second collection: Chases dreams in style

The apparel selection within the ”Childhood Dreams Collection” doesn’t miss a beat. The Dreaming Shirt bridges the gap between casual and chic with its sleek quarter-zip and turtle neck. Then there’s the dreaming pant, which champions comfort without sacrificing style, and the oversized Mesmerize tee, a testament to versatility and relaxed fashion.

This Kuzma x Puma Hoops second collaboration ranges from $45 USD to $225 USD, making exclusivity accessible. You can find these pieces on, via the mobile app, at the Puma NYC Flagship Store and at Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker.

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