Lily-Rose Depp takes center stage in Chanel Première Edition Watch campaign
©Photo: Chanel

Lily-Rose Depp takes center stage in Chanel Première Edition Watch campaign

July 31, 2023

Step into the world where fashion and time intersect. The stage is set for the iconic Lily-Rose Depp, the embodiment of youthful chic, to enchant the world in a fresh advertising campaign. Set to launch on the first of September, the campaign focuses on the embodiment of timeless elegance: Chanel’s Première Original Edition watch.

At a mere 24 years, Lily-Rose Depp, known for her riveting role as Jocelyn, the conflicted pop sensation in HBO’s critically acclaimed “The Idol“, steps into a persona that is both sophisticated and alluring. She paints the picture of this iconic timepiece as a blend of beauty and finesse, an exquisite blend of grace and class, that “only Chanel could create“, according to Lily-Rose’s description.

From her earliest association with the legendary Rue Cambon house in 2015, Depp has not only become its youngest ambassador but has also emerged as the face of a plethora of their products. The list includes a spectrum of elegant products like the fiery Rouge Coco Bloom and Rouge Coco Flash lipsticks, the mesmerizing No.5 L’Eau scent, the futuristic J-12 watch, and also one of the chosen few to present the Sac 22 handbag during its unveiling.

Unveiled last year, the Première Original Edition watch was a celebration of 35 years of the Chanel watchmaking legacy, which sprang from its original namesake. The Première Original Edition stands as a tribute, a homage to the beginning of Chanel’s journey in watch craftsmanship. Under the visionary guidance of Arnaud Chastaingt, the director of Chanel’s watchmaking creation studio, meticulous attention was paid to keep the newly unveiled edition “faithful to its origins“.

The inaugural design, introduced to the world in 1987, was the brainchild of the late Jacques Helleu. His vision was clear and simple: to design a watch that was as robust as it was unique, to create an “everlasting benchmark“. This vision was later recounted in Thames & Hudson’s comprehensive volume on Chanel’s watchmaking heritage.

The inspiration behind the watch’s design traces back to the stopper of Chanel‘s bestseller fragrance, the No.5, given the form of an elegant wrist ornament. The hands of the watch glide gracefully on a black lacquer dial, void of any numerals and encased in gold, rendering an appearance that is “more than a mere timepiece… a style statement“, as Chastaingt eloquently described it.

The stage is all set for Lily-Rose Depp to carry forward the legacy of the timeless Chanel’s Première Original Edition watch. This captivating blend of ageless style and youthful sophistication is a testament to the ever-evolving but always timeless, world of Chanel.

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