Loewe Fall Winter 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Loewe Fall/Winter 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

March 13, 2021

In a context in which fashion brands seem to be in a hurry to retake face-to-face shows as soon as possible, Loewe continues to bet on tangible elements, which can be sent and experienced by oneself in company or in solitude in its new collection, “A show in the News”.

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After experimenting with a show in a box and a show on the wall, Jonathan Anderson collaborated with the M/M Paris team again to present the Fall/Winter 2021 women’s collection in the format of a newspaper. “Dear reader, the Loewe show has been canceled, but our lives continue. We’re just living in a different context and we have to move on, whatever happens. The show is the news, and it’s in the news. Coming directly to you in your everyday life and ideally enjoyed with a morning cup of coffee. I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and that they bring you all the energy we put into creating them”, the British creative director said.

Along with the newspaper, the images, the paper cutters, and the leather mat, the ”A show in the News” format also contained the first chapter of ”The Affair”, the latest novel by best-selling author Danielle Steel – whose new novel takes place in an ecosystem where fashion also is very present.

Jonathan Anderson said he was charmed by the old-school idea of getting up in the morning and seriously dressing up: the carefully chosen outfit, the right shoes, bag and jewelry. “This collection is about putting in the effort”, he said.

The collection broke with minimalism and homogeneity to bet everything on colour. Quilted and oversized outerwear, fringe detail, chunky boots, and bold colors illustrated the overall concept of the collection. The looks sparked inspiration for future outfits to be worn in the workplace, creating an avant-garde, but professional tone. Loewe’s iconic pattern was spotted on handbags, used as belts on models and accessories. The Puzzle model was presented in coloured stripes, the Flamenco XL clutch shined more than ever, the Amazona bag captured the spirit of the fashion house having celebrated the 45th anniversary of its launch, in addition to the new Goya bag.