Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022

June 18, 2021

As a fan of modernist architecture, Nicolas Ghesquière staged Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022 (Resort 2022) show at Axe Majeur, a sculpture park outside of Paris conceived by the late Israeli environmental artist Dani Karavan and the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1980.

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For his latest outing, Ghesquière borrowed from the peaceful and simplistic geometry of the location – an almost two-mile-long straight path punctuated by bright red and towering concrete pillars – presenting resort-style clothing in juicy colors, rich jacquards, snappy ’60s shapes and in a slew of references to space conquest.

One needs nothing more than the most beautiful of passports: creation”, read the show notes of the collection. “An optimistic company akin to luminous ‘marching bands’ of joyful color. A collection of proud, positive looks that advance straight ahead, serenely”.


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