Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Nicolas Ghesquière's Fall/Winter 2024 Louis Vuitton collection celebrated his decade at the brand. It wasn't a retrospective, but a thoughtful blend of past and future aesthetics.
March 7, 2024

The Fall/Winter 2024 Louis Vuitton show was a star-studded affair, buzzing with anticipation for Nicolas Ghesquière’s impressive ten years at the helm of the fashion house. Rumors of celebrity appearances, including French First Lady Brigitte Macron and K-pop star Lisa from Blackpink, swirled around the venue, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.


Ghesquière’s collection wasn’t a mere rehash of past successes. Instead, it served as a thoughtful distillation of his design philosophy at Louis Vuitton. Signature elements like futuristic sportswear – graphic windbreakers and metallic tracksuits – made a reappearance, juxtaposed with the ice-cool tailoring that has become a hallmark of his tenure. Opulent extravagance entered the mix through preciously embroidered jackets reminiscent of 80s couture, while playful details like oversized mittens added a touch of whimsy.

The show wasn’t without its intrigue. Ghesquière’s decision to forgo a post-show interview, a practice he adopted five years ago, left some yearning for a deeper understanding of his creative process. However, his influence is undeniable. A new series on Louis Vuitton’s YouTube channel, “Nicolas Ghesquière: Shaping Fashion,” offers a glimpse into his world, while the collection itself speaks volumes about his enduring vision.


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While some attendees may have felt a sense of exclusion from the VIP-centered after-party, the true celebration unfolded on the runway. Ghesquière masterfully navigated between past and future, revisiting key elements from his Vuitton tenure – the opulent embellishments of the Louis XVI collection, the sparkling skirts reminiscent of a pandemic-era show, and the deconstructed scuba-suit dresses – while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of fashion. In a season dominated by nostalgia, Ghesquière’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection stands out as a testament to his unique ability. He doesn’t simply revisit the past; he finds inspiration in it to forge a path towards a bold and innovative future.

This masterful blend of past and future resonated with fashion editors as well. One editor, sporting a complete look from Ghesquière’s Fall/Winter 2014 debut, remarked on the collection’s enduring relevance. Her observation underscored the very essence of the show: Ghesquière’s designs transcend fleeting trends, solidifying his position as one of the most original minds in the industry today.

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