Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2024

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2024

Mixing nostalgia and innovation, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2024 celebrates 40 years of fashion with surreal proportions, textures and a futuristic vision.
February 5, 2024

Marc Jacobs celebrated the 40th anniversary of his eponymous brand with a Spring/Summer 2024 collection that redefined the boundaries of fashion with a mix of nostalgia, innovation and sheer creativity.

Held at the iconic Park Avenue Armory, the venue was transformed into a surreal tableau with the inclusion of a large-scale sculpture by the late American artist Robert Therrien. This set the stage for a collection that played with proportions, textures and the very concept of everyday clothing. Ever the irreverent visionary, Jacobs steered clear of delving into his archives for inspiration. Instead, he chose to celebrate his journey in fashion with an eye to the future, drawing from a well of personal history and meaningful moments.

The runway was a parade of contrasts, where the mundane met the magnificent. Models strutted beneath Therrien’s oversized table and chairs in ensembles that challenged traditional silhouettes. Jacobs’ choice of stiff, foam-like materials and exposed alterations added layers of complexity to the pieces, transforming them into walking art installations. From ladylike suits and cocktail dresses embellished with oversized paillettes to tracksuits and pastel velour sets that nodded to both Juicy Couture and Balenciaga, the collection was a testament to Jacobs’ ability to blend high fashion with a streetwise sensibility.

Jacobs’ show notes revealed his ongoing affair with the mundane, viewed through a lens of wonder and reflection. This approach was evident in every piece, whether it was the trompe l’oeil embellishments that created the illusion of jewelry or the exaggerated proportions that transformed familiar garments into something entirely new. The collection’s impact was heightened by its embrace of ’60s aesthetics, Japanese construction techniques, and a whimsical take on naval uniforms, all while maintaining a balance between the fantastical and the wearable.

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Standout pieces included stiff knit sweaters embellished with faux bijou brooches, plaid Bermuda shorts with exaggerated pleats, and swing coats that nodded to a bygone era yet felt utterly contemporary. The oversized tracksuits, a favorite of actress Kathryn Newton, showcased Jacobs’ knack for reinventing streetwear with a couture sensibility.

More than just a fashion show, Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2024 was a celebration of four decades of innovation, a tribute to enduring friendships and collaborations, and a declaration that in the world of Marc Jacobs, wonder never fades.

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©Photo: Marc Jacobs