Marine Serre Spring Summer 2021 Campaign

Marine Serre Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign


French fashion designer Marine Serre reveals her Spring/Summer 2021 campaign captured by photographer Marc Hibbert, with a video from Will Churchill. A powerful cast is led by the Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza and the French artist Juliet Merie, Marine’s close friend and collaborator, who each play a crucial role in the film.

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The title, ‘’AMOR FATI’’, is an invitation to actively embrace all of life’s pleasures and adversities without judgement. The choice to create a film for this season’s collection reflects the exceptional circumstances that we are living in. The urgent need for change and adaptation is explored through the cyclical visual narrative of the film, where the characters seamlessly mutate as they move through three symbolic environments – a laboratory, a natu- ral landscape and an underground water-world – each charged with layered narratives and accumulative emotions.

Big family

Two chameleonic figures transition through these different worlds as their garments and appearances adapt to the situations they encounter. There are three associated ‘clans’: close-knit groups of people who both shape and support the central characters’ journey, as keepers of their fate. This transition reflects a human being’s mobility in real life, where one has the power to change their style or mode of being, to transform or to blend in, building personal narratives through the garments that they choose to wear.

Brother and sister

This collection presents Marine Serre’s sharp tailoring, boldly announced through a duo-coloured ‘moon lozenge’ jacquard weave. Alongside the separates-based suiting range, biodegradable nylon and recycled moire serves as the base for hyper-functional, multi-pocketed utilitarian garments and iconic accessories in a monochrome palette. Intimate silhouettes are made of regenerated carpets in terracotta hues. Repurposed tailoring fabrics are granted a contemporary second life through sleek menswear pieces, while fiery red and jet-black athletic garments offer a wardrobe that enables free movement

Marine Serre

Stylist: Benoit Bethume
Hair: Ramona
Make-up: Nina Haverkamp
Manicure: Anais Cordevant

Mother and baby
Mother and baby
Mother and son
Mother and son

Big family: Chihiro Niuya & Sons (Noé, Rui & Gil)
Brother and sister: Turgay & Yasemine Cakli
Cat: Vladimir McCrary
Couple: Kristina DeConinck & Nicolas Duée
Mother and baby: Chloe Winkel & Zana
Mother and son: Amalia Vairelli & Melchior
Pillow: Kim Peers
Plant: Chloe Winkel
Tree: Juliet Merie

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