Marni Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Marni's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, unveiled at Lagerfeld’s former home, marries past and present through Risso's eclectic designs. A dance of colors and textures, each piece is an experiential journey beyond mere attire.
September 28, 2023
Marni Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

In the enchanting sphere where tradition waltzes with rebellion, Marni unveils a Spring/Summer 2024 collection that epitomizes an eclectic blend of vibrancy and eccentricity, akin to a bouquet of flowers in full bloom amidst the concrete jungle of a metropolis. A symphony of color and texture orchestrated by creative maestro Francesco Risso, each piece invites onlookers into a world where fashion transcends attire, morphing into an experiential journey of the senses.

Risso, an alchemist of aesthetics, weaves the tangible with memory, sculpting a narrative steeped in personal and collective recollections. The stage, none other than the awe-inspiring Hôtel Pozzo di Borgo, Karl Lagerfeld’s former residence, breathes an air of nostalgic elegance, intertwining the past’s majestic allure with Marni’s forward-thinking designs.

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A distinct echo of Risso’s teenage years resurfaces, each piece, a testament to the intangible connections that fashion, place, and memory hold. The audience, seated on tubular white inflatables, is transported into a world where the lines between the past and present blur, and Marni’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection serves as the bridge between these temporal divides.

Amidst the golden aura of the opulent salons, the collection unveils a dance of contrasts – lean, light, tight-fitting ribbed tube tops celebrate the natural state of the body, eschewing the ostentatious. Yet, the celebration doesn’t end here. Sartorial specimens, oversized trapeze or boxy-cut tops, sharp-tailored trench coats, and straight-cut pants, all made in soft-bonded techno knitwear, burst forth in Marni’s signature pyrotechnic palette.

The artwork of apparel further manifests in undone crinolines of saturated pastels. These are not just garments but physical entities occupying space, demanding to be felt, touched, and experienced in close proximity. Risso’s ecstasy of the hand is palpable in concoctions of fleurs en découpage, where hundreds of bright-colored floral images breathe life into bustier dresses and poufy miniskirts.

Yet, amidst this visual spectacle, the collection’s ethos lies embedded in a profound narrative. Risso’s inspiration springs not merely from the aesthetic realm but is deeply rooted in the human experience. Each piece, infused with the dual essence of joy and rebellion, is a testament to the constant, unwavering pursuit of beauty – a quest not without its challenges but resplendent in its rewards.

The Marni Spring/Summer 2024 collection encapsulates more than an ephemeral moment in fashion; it encapsulates a journey where tactile and ethereal elements converge. Each attire, from barely-there slip dresses to attire adorned with printed blooms, symbolizes the metamorphosis of the Marni brand – an entity ever-evolving, yet staunch in its foundational ethos of quirky, eclectic elegance.

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©Photo: Marni