Max Mara Resort 2023

Max Mara Resort 2023

August 14, 2022

It was in the enchanting setting of the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon that Max Mara unveiled its Resort 2023 (Cruise 2023) collection. A collection designed as a tribute to Portuguese culture and history.

When I’m looking for locations for our cruise shows, I always think of a destination that everyone has ideas about without necessarily having been there. When you say Lisbon, an image comes to mind. It’s a city full of romance, charm, character, where new and old blend harmoniously, where heritage and tradition meet modernity and creativity. And it has so much to tell. I was inspired by one woman in particular, a poet, politician and intellectual, who, for me, represents the heart, soul, passion and spirit of this great capital. Her name was Natália Correia”, explained Ian Griffiths, the discreet and talented English creative director of Max Mara.

And it was through this mid-20th century feminist figure who used her art form to push cultural boundaries and whose role in the women’s rights movement in the late 1900s symbolized her as a leader of sensual rebellion that Griffiths sought to channel his passion for feminism and bold sensuality.

This modern-day heroine inspired sharp-cut black sheaths, glamorous pencil skirts enhanced by jackets with full, rolled sleeves, wraparound coat dresses with vintage volumes, but also pleated evening gowns in vibrant shades.

In addition, the collection introduces collaborations with Portuguese artisans through t-shirts with love poems embroidered – a tribute to ‘’Lenços de namorados do Minho’’ (‘handkerchiefs of love’), an artistic Portuguese tradition that sees young women embroider a square of linen or cotton with sweet nothings to gift to their beloved.

Max Mara Resort 2023

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