Golden Arches meet Japanese chic in McDonald’s and Graniph’s collaboration

McDonald's and Graniph unveil a unique fashion line, merging iconic fast-food symbols with avant-garde design. A nostalgic yet bold collection, celebrating cultural icons with eclectic apparel, available online for global fashion and fast-food enthusiasts.
October 23, 2023
Golden Arches meet Japanese chic in McDonald's and Graniph’s collaboration

The newest partnership between McDonald’s and Graniph melds the world of fast food with the cutting-edge aesthetics of Japanese design.

The collection is a limited edition, a treasure trove of apparel that immortalizes McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches. It’s a journey where the East meets the West, where the contemporary style of Graniph embraces the timeless allure of one of the world’s most recognized logos. The result is a fashion line that is as eclectic as it is familiar, as innovative as it is classic.

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The collection is a visual feast, adorned with iconic McDonald’s elements, from the irresistible fries to iconic characters like Hamburglar and Grimace. These symbols of fast-food culture find a new home on Graniph’s classic wardrobe staples, marking a fusion of two distinct worlds.

The vintage ’90s aesthetic is reborn, with crewneck sweaters and tote bags showcasing the entire cast of McDonald’s characters. The golden yellow and red color scheme, synonymous with McDonald’s, weaves its way through selections of quarter zips, hoodies, and sweatpants. One of the standout items is a tote bag, a replica of the McDonald’s takeout paper bag, showcasing the inimitable iconography of the Golden Arches.

The collection is now officially available online.

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