Michael Kors Collection Fall Winter 2023 - New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Collection Fall/Winter 2023 – New York Fashion Week

February 19, 2023

Fashion and age often seem to be at odds with each other, but at the recent Michael Kors show, a legendary figure in the world of women’s rights made her presence known. Gloria Steinem, who founded the iconic magazine “Ms.” and is approaching 90 years old, arrived arm-in-arm with two friends, causing Molly Ringwald, who was seated across the front row, to burst into applause.


This season, Kors was inspired by the muses of the 1970s, including Steinem, Cher, Tina Turner, Lena Horne, Ali McGraw, and Jane Fonda. The first look of the show immediately evoked Steinem’s image, with the model sporting shield sunglasses, micro shorts, and knee-high boots. Throughout the show, Kors paid homage to the ’70s with exaggerated bell-bottoms and fringe dresses, but with a modern twist. The fringe was made of sturdy suede and the bell-bottoms were adorned with micro sequins for added glamour.

Michael Kors is known for his love of the ’70s and American sportswear from the era, with its clean lines and effortless style. He also understands the value of designing what he knows, as evidenced by the hip-slung chrome buckle belt, which was borrowed from a 2004 collection and received a “crazy waiting list” last season. The designer’s signature double-faced cashmere outerwear, strong double-breasted suit jackets, and fluid knit dresses with bell sleeves also made an appearance, showcasing his timeless style.


By name-checking these legendary women in their 70s and 80s, Kors showed that age is just a number and that the spirit and style of these muses still holds relevance today. It was a refreshing change from the “ridiculous hijinks” often seen on other New York runways and a reminder that fashion is not just for the young. The show was a celebration of strong, confident women and the timeless impact they have had on the world.

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