Moschino Men’s Pre-Fall 2024

Moschino Men’s Pre-Fall 2024

Moschino Pre-Fall 2024 showcases a heartfelt collection, blending emotional depth with playful design. Under late Davide Renne's vision, it features iconic heart motifs, whimsical details, and standout pieces like a retro sky blue suit, marking a poignant chapter in fashion.
November 30, 2023

Moschino Pre-Fall 2024 collection emerges as a vibrant homage, exuding emotional depth and artistic flair. The Italian fashion powerhouse, renowned for its bold iconography, takes a poignant turn under the direction of the late Davide Renne. His untimely passing, mere weeks after his appointment, infuses the collection with a sentimental resonance, particularly evident in the use of heart motifs.

The opening ensemble, a frill-fronted tuxedo shirt, boasts a prominent red heart at its core, symbolizing more than just aesthetic appeal. This thematic heart reappears throughout the collection, notably in the final pieces where fleeced insets traverse the trousers’ legs and extend across crewneck sweaters and sleek car coats. Moschino’s playful experimentation with geometry is also evident, as they skillfully manipulate shapes like triangles and circles, creating a delightful visual illusion.

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Moschino’s signature whimsical style is unmistakably present. They cleverly incorporate elements of retail security tags, rendered in striking red, into the forefront of jackets and trousers. The collection’s humor extends to oversized, blunt-hemmed ties in vivid stripes and inventive trompe l’oeil details, like trousers with mock-exposed boxer waistbands and creatively ‘collaged‘ sweatshirts. This quirkiness is balanced by sophisticated touches, such as a knitted ‘belly warmer’ cummerbund.

A standout piece is the sky blue suit, exuding a retro charm with its three-button leather jacket and flared trousers. Paired with a button-down shirt and a uniquely patterned black tie, this ensemble encapsulates Moschino’s essence, blending classic elegance with a twist of the unexpected.

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©Photo: Moschino