MSGM Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

MSGM Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

March 9, 2021

This MSGM Fall/Winter 2021 collection was ‘’an ode to Milan’s underground nightlife’’, as MSGM creative director Massimo Giorgetti put it, and to the desire for going back to dance floors.

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Inspired by an electronic song about Milan created by Flashart’s Gea Politi and Club Domani, the music production company founded by Sergio Tavelli and Andrea Ratti, Massimo Giorgetti wanted to describe the energy and spirit of the city’s younger generations with the ‘’Manifesto’’ project.

Emerging director Francesco Coppola added his fresh, music-inspired eye to the winning formula. Filmed at Milan’s Manzoni Theater, which has been closed for a year due to the pandemic, the short movie stressed the empowered, rebellious spirit of the girls who – according to Giorgetti – ‘’didn’t want to wear any ruffles or heels, but they loved the chunky platform boots’’. This actually says a lot about what today’s girls want when it comes to fashion.

In it, models saunter through a movie theater corridor while a narrator declares ‘’Milano is alive’’ over a resolute soundtrack of string instruments. Except instead of walking forwards, the models appear to strut backwards, as if someone pressed the rewind button on the entire scene. The time travel disorientation urges: where are we going? Where have we come from?

The MSGM collection was not made to merely be lived in – it was made to live life to the fullest.

Particularly alluring were the materials used this season. Synthetics – such as latex, vinyl, and nylon – are, in polished final form, reflective and tactile – urging our touch. And touch, especially now, but always, was the greatest evocation of desire. This season’s collection at MSGM, then, was the manifestation of desire and the promise of a salubrious future.

Standout pieces include a white blouse with an oversized ruffle collar; a chocolate leather suit, straight-cut and elegant; a whimsical graphic body-con dress with abstract stripes of blue and lime over a lilac base; and a sheer black coat dress with a flowing silhouette, made with shiny, slick fabric.