MSGM Fall/Winter 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

MSGM Fall/Winter 2023 – Milan Fashion Week

March 1, 2023

Massimo Giorgetti’s latest MSGM Fall/Winter 2023 collection was a departure from the norm. In a show filled with black outfits, the designer showcased a new direction for the brand, one that was inspired by a desire for simplicity and clarity. Giorgetti admitted that he had no mood board or references for the collection and instead relied on his instincts and eye for shapes and textures to guide him.

The off-white location of the show only amplified the impact of the black designs as they walked down the runway. The collection marked a more mature direction for the brand, with tailored mohair jackets, body-hugging dresses, and even a foray into eveningwear. But as the show progressed, colors and textures started to appear, with faux furs, fluffy hats, and shoes in vibrant hues, and tactile elements like furry knits and leopard prints.

One of the highlights of the collection was the use of a brocade fabric from a decade-old MSGM collection, which Giorgetti sees as a way to revisit the carefree days when there were fewer rules and less merchandise. The collection was a bold exercise in simplification, both in terms of the number of pieces per look and their immediate readability.

Despite pivoting towards a more refined aesthetic, Giorgetti’s collection still retained the youthful energy that is the essence of MSGM. The designer’s ability to cut through the noise with his collections is a testament to his talent and the brand’s enduring appeal. The show was a compelling demonstration of how sometimes less really can be more, and how instinct can lead to a beautiful and impactful collection.