MSGM x Gattullo lights up Christmas 2023

MSGM x Gattullo lights up Christmas 2023

Get into the festive spirit with the MSGM x Gattullo Christmas 2023 collection, a stylish blend of Milanese fashion and culinary heritage, perfect for celebrating tradition with modern elegance.
December 8, 2023

This festive season, Milan’s fashion scene shines with a special spark as MSGM collaborates with iconic pastry chef Gattullo for Christmas 2023. The union of these two Milanese stalwarts has created a buzz, fusing style and tradition in a unique capsule collection. MSGM, known for its edgy yet sophisticated designs, has teamed up with Gattullo, a name synonymous with Milanese gastronomy, to offer a range that is as tempting as it is trendy.

Walking past Pasticceria Gattullo, a subtle change catches the eye: alongside the shop’s classic banner, an MSGM logo proudly appears in a matching italic font.

MSGM x Gattullo lights up Christmas 2023

The MSGM x Gattullo collection is a vibrant homage to Milan, featuring a palette of pink and black hues. It features a range of fashion pieces including t-shirts, bowling shirts and sweaters, as well as chic accessories including hoodies, a velvet hat and even a scrunchie. Each piece proudly displays the MSGM and Gattullo logos or special prints that capture the essence of both brands.

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But this collaboration is more than just clothing. It’s a story about the rich culture of Milan, from the breakfast table to the evening aperitivo. The collection pays tribute to Gattullo’s culinary masterpieces, such as the Mirtillino pastry filled with blueberry jam and the secret recipe of the historic Domenichino aperitif, a Campari-based cocktail. This fusion of fashion and food culture is evident in the playful slogans on the garments, a signature MSGM touch.

Beyond apparel, the MSGM x Gattullo line extends to lifestyle items. Cocktail enthusiasts will enjoy the logoed cocktail shaker and glasses, perfect for those looking to recreate the Domenichino experience at home. Priced from €40 to €300, this exclusive collection is available in MSGM stores and on its e-commerce platform.

Massimo Giorgetti, founder of MSGM, emphasizes the collection’s deep-rooted connection to Milan. “The collaboration between MSGM and Gattullo is a tribute to Milan, a celebration of its tradition through one of the historic venues of a city I love,” he says. Giorgetti sees this partnership as an opportunity to immerse himself in Milanese culture in a historic place like Gattullo.

MSGM x Gattullo lights up Christmas 2023

Gattullo was founded in 1961 by Peppino Gattullo. Since then, it has been a cornerstone of Milan’s social life. Known for its classic wooden interiors and elegant chandeliers, Gattullo serves a wide range of delicacies, from sweet pastries to savory snacks, complemented by an extensive cocktail menu. This establishment has long been a meeting place for Milan’s creative types, from artists to comedians, especially in the 1980s.

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