N°21 Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

N°21 Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

February 27, 2021

Designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua presented N°21 Fall/Winter 2021 collection, that explored eccentric eroticism which fuses modesty with desire to be noticed.

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‘’Precisely due to these forcedly chaste times, I wanted to make a collection that is not chaste at all’’, said Dell’Acqua. He was encouraged in the process by the voyeuristic approach and erotic subjects portrayed in the Polaroid images by architect, designer and photographer Carlo Mollino. ‘’A Carlo Mollino photograph got me to thinking about a form of aesthetics that the great Italian architect imbued also into the attitudes and postures of the women he photographed in settings he constructed with his eclectic vision. I wanted to transfer into my collection the same eccentric eroticism, a typically Italian sense of eroticism holding all in one both modesty and desire to draw attention’’.

In the mood for transgression, the designer imagined a wardrobe for women, through lightweight chiffon mini dresses, black lace lingerie, transparent chiffon frocks, but also leopard prints, tartan wool shirts and signature pencil skirts, breaking restrictions and curfews and that ‘’want to be seen’’ again.

The designer also gave men their share of revealing skin via laced crop tops and shirts in pastel yellow and classic black, worn under knits and tartan coats.