N°21 Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

N°21 Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 21, 2023

Magnetic, unpredictable, and deeply sensual – such is the essence of Naples. As if torn from the very soul of this city, Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s N°21 Spring/Summer 2024 collection captures the raw and passionate spirit of his hometown. Unraveling the fabric of Naples, Dell’Acqua invites us into a world that oscillates between opulence and austerity, joy and sorrow, drama and understated elegance.

Naples thrives on contrasts; it is an alchemy of noble aristocracy and profound destitution. The city’s multilayered pulse is reflected in the dance of colors and textures that characterizes this collection. The distinct interplay of black and white evokes a chiaroscuro effect, reminiscent of Naples’ intense light and shadows. With garments that radiate sophistication, from slender pencil-skirt suits to provocative chiffon negligees, Dell’Acqua traverses the spectrum of Neapolitan life.

White organza minidresses and lacquered lace, elements that whisper of innocence, counterbalance the daring black satin and tulle mesh pieces. These tulle mesh slipdresses, lavishly adorned with oversized silver and gold sequins, echo the fervent sensuality for which the city’s denizens are renowned. Every ensemble seems to echo the Neapolitan ethos of unapologetically embracing life with all its exuberance.

From the local streets to grand celebrations, Naples is a theater of extremes. Here, weddings are just as grand and impassioned as funerals, each an occasion for unparalleled, dramatic festivity. This theatricality comes alive in the N°21 collection, which, while rooted in Naples’ traditions, looks boldly towards the future.

Beyond the aesthetics, there’s an emotional resonance to this collection. For every Neapolitan, life is an intense affair, a forceful embrace of the moments, both bitter and sweet. “You can hate Naples, or love it to bits. Indifference is never an option,” reflects Dell’Acqua, and this sentiment permeates every thread, every sequin of the Spring/Summer 2024 line.

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