Nike x Spotify ignites UK change with Make Moves Fund
Nike dancer Joelle D'Fontaine and FLO / ©Photo: Nike

Nike x Spotify ignites UK change with Make Moves Fund

Nike x Spotify launch the Make Moves Fund in the UK, empowering girls through music and movement, addressing mental well-being and inclusivity with up to $25,000 USD grants for community initiatives.
October 14, 2023

There’s something magical happening in the United Kingdom, a movement of liberation, joy, and self-expression. Nike and Spotify have embarked on a transformative journey, launching the Make Moves Fund, a harmonious blend of rhythmic tunes and empowering steps aimed at elevating the mental well-being of girls.

The two giants in their respective industries acknowledge the challenges that have barricaded the paths of many young girls in England. Sports, a domain where dreams are carved and spirits are lifted, remains a distant star for about 80 percent of them. It’s an unsettling reality, particularly for Black British, African, Caribbean, Arab, and Asian girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, facing an uphill battle in accessing the joys of movement.

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But Nike x Spotify are not just bystanders. The announcement of their partnership on World Mental Health Day painted a picture of hope of change echoing in the hearts of many. The Make Moves Fund, initiated by Nike x Spotify, is set to provide grants of around $25,000 USD each to community organizations in the UK. These funds are earmarked for innovative, girl-centric programs blending music and movement, aimed at motivating girls aged 10 to 17 to embrace physical activity in ways that resonate with them.

An active generation means a more equitable future,” affirms Dan Burrows, the Senior Director at Nike Social & Community Impact EMEA. In his eyes, and the shared vision of Nike x Spotify, innovation and creativity are the twin engines driving girls to the pinnacle of their potential. The UK now plays host to a transformation, where tunes and steps interlace, birthing an atmosphere where mental wellness blossoms.

A team of specialists, including four teens chosen by Black Girl Fest, Nike dancer Joelle D’Fontaine, and Ciara Dockery from Gurls Talk, alongside Nike and Spotify’s social impact squads, will select the beneficiaries of the funding. FLO, a group of young female artists based in London, stands as the face of the Make Moves Fund.

Nike x Spotify ignites UK change with Make Moves Fund
FLO, a group that aims to empower girls and women through their music, are ambassadors for the Make Moves Fund / ©Photo: Nike

The chosen projects will unfold over a half-year period, their effects closely monitored by Nike and Spotify to gauge impact and effectiveness. For organizations within the UK aspiring to secure this funding, submissions of inventive proposals are welcomed at until the closing date of November 30th, 2023. By the dawn of 2024, the endorsed grantees will step into the spotlight.

Nike’s collaboration with Spotify in the Make Moves Fund mirrors the brand’s ongoing global commitment to fostering an environment where girls are encouraged to move freely and confidently. This initiative is akin to Nike’s previous undertakings, like the alliance with Girls Got Game in Manila’s The Courtyard and offering digital tools through the Tucker Center, amplifying the efforts to propel girls into a world of movement and self-expression.

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