Officine Générale Fall Winter 2022 Campaign

Officine Générale Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign

Officine Générale launches its first global advertising campaign, which is centered around the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The campaign is a collaboration between Pierre Maheo – designer and founder of the Paris-based brand – and his longtime friends, photographer Vincent van de Wijngaard and Dutch model Saskia de Brauw, both of whom served as creative directors along with Marc Schuijt. The campaign also features male model Henry Kitcher. Styling is work of Isabelle Kountoure, with beauty from hair stylist Ed Moelands.

The images were shot in Audresselles in the Pas-de-Calais region and speak to Maheo’s childhood memories of the “sea, rocks and shore”, he said. “I was born in the seaside so this background and its surroundings truly talk to me and strengthen the perception of the products, connecting it to our environmental approach, in terms of quality, materials and sourcing”.

According to de Brauw: “Audresselles is known for its beautiful fossil beaches, long stretches of coastline covered with traces of a past long gone, visible for those who carefully look. These are the details that Pierre Mahéo looks for too, a fold, seemingly accidental becomes significant, a t-shirt popping out from a shirt is never an accident for Pierre, the inside of a jacket, the delicate materials used, remain hidden for some but a gem for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and ‘Parisian elegance.‘”.

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