Philipp Plein Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Philipp Plein Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 26, 2023

Philipp Plein never ceases to captivate. As Milan’s iconic fashion maestro, he has, time and again, brought both spectacle and style to the runway. This season, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his empire, he lit up the Allianz Cloud arena with a high-octane show that resonated both with his fervent fans and the fashion world at large.

Heralding his quarter-century milestone, the show was an electrifying blend of music, lights, and fashion, all emblematic of Plein’s flamboyant style. The setup featured models confidently strutting amidst roller skaters, dashing and spinning with LED-lit wheels attached to signature Plein sneakers, creating an entrancing play of light.

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The women’s collection shimmered with rainbow paillette dresses, sporty underwear, jeans, and t-shirts, all presented in an array of vibrant colors. There were moments of playful nostalgia, with pieces bearing bubblegum graffiti prints and a musical background that took many back to the exuberant 80s. Menswear, on the other hand, leaned towards tailored looks, a domain Plein admitted was growing rapidly for his brand. This saw the introduction of unembellished suits, along with his typical audacious biker pants, jackets, and eye-catching Miami-style sets.

Interestingly, amidst the glitter and glamour, Plein’s emphasis on tailoring was palpable. It’s an evolution for the brand, suggesting a strategic move to cater to a more diverse clientele while retaining its core essence. Highlighting this shift were brightly colored suits, blazers, and jackets, some drenched in graffiti prints and others in more muted hues.

Sportier ensembles made a significant appearance, with skaters showcasing pieces that ranged from flippy skirts to sequined tube dresses and artfully designed denim. Not to be missed were the accessories, particularly the gold, crystal-studded cowboy boots and white gym socks bearing the Plein insignia.

For those seeking subtlety in Philipp Plein‘s universe, there were surprises. Flowing gowns, belted graffiti coats, and some less ornate pieces allowed for moments of serene elegance amidst the dazzle. This range signaled a brand that has matured, able to balance between the outright lavish and the subtly sophisticated.

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©Photo: Philipp Plein