Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Ports 1961 Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

March 8, 2021

Luxury house Ports 1961 presented their Fall/Winter 2021 collection, that marked the brands sixtieth anniversary, and celebrated fashion that felt intimate entwined with grace and sophistication.

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Karl Templer, artistic director of Ports 1961, was determined to dress his women in robust clothing as they ventured out of lockdown, and into a new normal. But the collection was best summed up in the label’s words from a press release: ‘’intensely tactile’’.

‘’Everything is intensely tactile, enticing the senses, pleasing the body, freeing the movements. Knitwear captures the quest for ease in a protective embrace: a jumper in wool braided with leather; hairy tufts growing all over a welcoming coat, a ribbed skirt draped over the hips. A grammar of feminine shapes unfolds in an evolutionary tension between the softness of draping and the sharpness of tailoring, between neat profiles and twisting and folding. The act of wrapping suggests ways to construct pieces, while graphic prints highlight it. Touches of faux fur add further tactility. Leather is slick. Every item stands as a statement. Sculptural coats that unbutton on the back; flowing trench coats; folded dresses; jumpers as thick as outerwear. Tight leather boots have butterfly heels highlighted by thin buckled straps. Streamlined jewellery and double aspect bags edged in faux fur polish the look off’’, he said.


©Ports 1961