Unveiling the Puma Star served up in delicious ”Strawberries and Cream” color

August 2, 2023
Unveiling the Puma Star served up in delicious ''Strawberries and Cream'' color

As the tennis season swings into high gear, there’s a dash of indulgence ready to be tasted, and no, it’s not on the dessert menu. Instead, it’s the latest from the global sportswear giant Puma, rolling out their revamped classic – the Puma Star, in a delightfully delectable “Strawberries and Cream” color scheme. This tantalizing treat harkens back to England’s vintage tennis tournaments from the late 19th century, making the sneaker as much a rich slice of history as a sporty fashion statement.

The Puma Star silhouette, having recently graced the stage in a stunning blue edition for the Puma x Noah collection, now takes a fresh leap into a classic color palette with a nostalgic twist. Following the friends-and-family exclusive in vibrant green, the iconic sneaker now boasts an appealing third colorway – an embodiment of the quintessential British summertime treat, strawberries and cream.

Unveiling the Puma Star served up in delicious ''Strawberries and Cream'' color

Drawing its lineage from the revered 1970 Puma Wimbledon, the Star shines in its modern re-imagination, carrying forth the legacy of Puma’s deep-seated influence in the world of tennis. The current edition of the Star is its inaugural re-issue, now spotlighting a trinity of neat, heritage color schemes that celebrate the brand’s storied past.

This low-top wonder dons Puma Star branding on its upper and midsole, injecting an essence of unmistakable authenticity into the design. A tasteful contrast is served through strategic red accents on the outsole, evoking the playful charm of ripe strawberries against the backdrop of cream. And for the purists, Puma’s signature Formstrip finds its presence subtly woven into the perforations on the upper, adding to the sneaker’s aesthetic allure.

Unveiling the Puma Star served up in delicious ''Strawberries and Cream'' color

It’s not just a shoe; it’s a tribute to the golden age of tennis, a nod to the brand’s historical role in shaping the sport, and a flavor-packed gift to the sneaker enthusiasts. This Puma Star “Strawberries and Cream” edition is available globally via puma.com, flagship Puma stores, and selected partners, ready to sweeten the step of wearers worldwide.

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