Puma x AC Milan x Pleasures present Fourth kit for 2023/24 season

Puma x AC Milan x Pleasures present Fourth kit for 2023/24 season

Puma x AC Milan x Pleasures drop a bold kit that blurs the lines between fashion and football. Gothic influences meet streetwear edge in 2 contrasting colorways symbolizing dusk & dawn. Innovation shines with reflective logos, a first for AC Milan.
February 17, 2024

Puma, AC Milan and LA streetwear icon Pleasures have teamed up to unveil a truly unique kit for the 2023/24 season that pushes the boundaries of traditional soccer apparel. The AC Milan Fourth kit isn’t just about performance; it’s a statement piece that blends punk, metal, and grunge influences with the intricate beauty of Milan’s gothic architecture.


Two colorways, Dusk and Dawn, symbolize the city’s transition from day to night, allowing fans to embody the Rossonero spirit anytime, anywhere. The design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it reflects the ever-evolving Milanese lifestyle, capturing the serene dusk and the awakening dawn.

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Innovation is at the forefront with both versions featuring reflective logos, a first for AC Milan. This adds a touch of cutting-edge style and ensures even greater visibility on the pitch.

AC Milan striker and Puma ambassador Olivier Giroud is looking forward to wearing this “great looking kit“: “It is unlike anything I have seen before with two versions that can be used by both the goalkeeper and the players. This shows the creativity and innovation of Puma, AC Milan, and Pleasures, creating a kit with a cutting-edge design and an amazing concept that truly captures the essence of AC Milan’s legacy and ambition.” he said.

Puma x AC Milan x Pleasures present Fourth kit for 2023/24 season
Olivier Giroud. ©Photo: Puma

Marco Mueller, Puma Senior Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Apparel, explains the intent of the design: “We aimed for a design that resonates with both the LA and Milan vibe and AC Milan’s storied history. The collaboration was an opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional kit design, ensuring that every element is infused with innovation, culture and the Club’s global footprint.”

Maikel Oettle, AC Milan’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasizes the groundbreaking nature of the kit: “This ground-breaking kit from our partner Puma in collaboration with Pleasures showcases Puma and AC Milan’s commitment to pushing boundaries in both fashion and sports, offering fans a visually immersive experience that goes beyond the traditional realms of football attire. The two iterations of the kit not only reflect the Club’s bold identity but also unite our heritage and our future, merging gothic architecture and monuments of Milan, with an extremely innovative design, including elements that are revolutionary for us, such as the reflective logos.”

Pleasures co-founder Alex James expresses his personal connection to the project: “Growing up in an Italian American neighborhood, ACM was the only team that mattered. My life comes full circle as now my brand Pleasures gets to create in collaboration with Puma.” This personal touch adds another layer of depth to the collaboration.

Performance is not forgotten. The authentic jersey uses cutting-edge technology for optimal comfort and movement, while the replica version prioritizes sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry throughout the game. Both are made from 100% recycled materials, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

The Puma x AC Milan x Pleasures Fourth Kit is available now at Puma stores, puma.com, AC Milan official stores, store.milan.com and select retailers worldwide.

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