Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport unleashes the “AMG Giant” collection for Fall/Winter 2023

The “AMG Giant” collection, born from the Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport partnership, merges bold designs and performance, echoing the dynamic energy of the iconic Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series for Fall/Winter 2023.
October 10, 2023
Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport unleashes the “AMG Giant” collection for Fall-Winter 2023

Striding into the realm of high-octane fashion, the Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport collaboration reveals its latest creation, the “AMG Giant” collection, as it takes center stage in the fashion and motorsport world for Fall/Winter 2023.

The “AMG Giant” collection is a striking amalgamation of artistry and performance, showcasing bold designs amplified by distinctive color blocking. Its audacious energy mirrors the vehicular masterpiece it draws inspiration from, marking an aesthetic that’s both confident and resonant of vehicular grace. Apparel within this collection paints a picture of dynamic clashes of colors, patterns that captivate, and contrasting hues reminiscent of the GT’s spirited presence.

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Footwear, a crucial component of any ensemble, isn’t left behind in this showcase. The AMG Boot and the AMG Extent Nitro sneaker are not mere accessories but integral pieces that bind the collection’s narrative. The robust, rugged aesthetics of the boot pay homage to the GT Track Series’ versatility, while the Extent Nitro sneaker is where cutting-edge technology meets comfort, embodying the AMG spirit.

Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport unleashes the “AMG Giant” collection for Fall-Winter 2023

Christoph Sagemüller, Head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, affirms the potency of this alliance. “With Puma, we as AMG have a strong and dependable partner at our side. Both brands cultivate, among other things, the demand for the highest level of quality and a special lifestyle. This is uniquely illustrated by the new Fall/Winter collection ‘Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport’. Together, we have succeeded in uniting the combination of motor sports and car culture in a fashion line and bringing it to life for our fans. After this first one, which will be launched shortly, I am already looking forward to further exciting joint collections,” he reflects. Sagemüller’s anticipation for the offerings of this alliance is palpable, as he expresses eagerness for the unveiling of more collectibles that blend the thrilling worlds of motorsports, car culture, and fashion.

Puma x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport unleashes the “AMG Giant” collection for Fall-Winter 2023

Echoing this sentiment, Thomas Josnik, the General Manager BU Motorsport, delineates the “AMG Giant” as a powerful testament to the synergy between Puma and Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. “It’s a statement of confidence, a celebration of speed, and a fusion of style and performance,” Josnik expresses with undeniable enthusiasm.

Indeed, every piece in the “AMG Giant” collection is intricately woven with the essence of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, marking not just a fashion statement, but a relentless march towards innovative grandeur. The collection, exuding the distinctive charisma of speed and precision, is accessible to the connoisseurs of refined taste, available at selected Puma stores and online.

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