Ralph Lauren gears up for L.A. 2028 Olympics and Paralympics

Ralph Lauren gears up for L.A. 2028 Olympics and Paralympics

August 7, 2023

As the clock strikes a year short of the Summer Olympics in Paris, our gaze extends to an era five years hence, when the magnificent city of Los Angeles will play host to the world. An eminent player in this grand narrative, Ralph Lauren is not only sparking enthusiasm for both these global events but also etching an indelible mark on the journey to the L.A. 2028 Olympics and Paralympics.

The aroma of anticipation is in the air as Ralph Lauren unveils a reinterpreted emblem for the Los Angeles spectacle in 2028, marking an intriguing juncture in the partnership with Team USA and LA28 – a vision-fueled nonprofit organization orchestrating the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Transcending its traditional role of an official outfitter for the games, the company introduces a distinctive emblem synonymous with the Californian spirit, uniquely crafted for the 2028 Games.

The symbol is a visually striking fusion of colors and concepts, borrowing elements from the quintessential Ralph Lauren P-wing motif prevalent in the nostalgic ’90s. Set against the deep black backdrop of the letters and numbers L, 2, and 8, and further harmonized with the iconic Olympic rings, the emblem is a charismatic depiction of a red and black winged A.

Indeed, this is a historic second when a commercialized version of the logo gets embedded in the annals of the Olympic and Paralympic events. The Ralph Lauren emblem is following the trail of the custom logo initiated by Delta Air Lines, another inaugural founding partner, which brought forth its own unique rendition of the logo.

This emblem is set to find a stylish abode on a denim jacket, priced at $298 USD, which will be available for purchase both online and at Ralph Lauren’s Beverly Hills store. Additionally, this emblem is destined to grace more products from Ralph Lauren’s portfolio in the run-up to the Games.

Ralph Lauren gears up for L.A. 2028 Olympics and Paralympics

The unveiling event at the Beverly Hills store, the company’s flagship location in Los Angeles, is eagerly anticipated, with renowned Olympian Shaun White and other athletes preparing to join in the celebration.

However, the company’s vision transcends the borders of L.A. as it continues to promote its long-standing relationship with Team USA. Upcoming is an exclusive Team USA capsule collection for the Paris Games, featuring customizable designs and signature items. It’s worth remembering that Ralph Lauren has been a cherished outfitter of Team USA since the Beijing Games in 2008.

In the words of Peter Zeytoonjian, the senior vice president of consumer products for LA28, “In every iteration of the LA28 emblem, we are writing the collective story of the LA28 Games“. And the latest chapter of this story is being penned by Ralph Lauren, a cherished icon in the movement, inspiring us all to think differently, collaborate and connect more profoundly with fans and athletes of the next generation.

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