Ralph Lauren Fall-Winter 2024

Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2024

Ralph Lauren's Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a masterclass in timeless American style, showcasing the designer's signature aesthetic of elegant, lived-in luxury and subtle nods to menswear and cowboy trends.
May 1, 2024

Presented to an intimate audience of just 100 at his offices at 650 Madison, Ralph Lauren’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a heartfelt celebration of Lauren’s six decades in the fashion industry. The designer, dressed in a turquoise and black western shirt, danced down the runway with his wife, Ricky, in honor of their upcoming 60th wedding anniversary.

The collection itself was a masterful display of Ralph Lauren‘s signature aesthetic, showcasing a mix of elegant, lived-in luxury and subtle nods to the menswear and cowboy trends that have been a staple of his brand for decades. “I wanted to do something very simple and easy,” Lauren said during a sneak preview. “It’s not one story, not one statement..I don’t think young women dress that way today, or anybody. They mix it up, they want to be casual and eclectic and have a voice.”

And that voice was unmistakably Ralph Lauren’s. From the opening look worn by supermodel Christy Turlington – a gray coat, tonal shirt and tie, pants and cowboy boots – to the artful mix of a silver-beaded backless t-shirt over gray suede pants, a blazer patchwork of 12 different fabrics over chocolate brown leather pants, and a busted leather rancher jacket and pants with a cowboy hat and short bandana tie, the collection was a master class in effortless, timeless style.

The muted palette, cable-knit sweaters over bias-cut silks or layered tulle skirts, and glittery accents like a crystal mesh polo shirt all spoke to Lauren’s enduring influence on the fashion world. As other designers continue to draw inspiration from his iconic looks, it’s clear that Ralph Lauren remains the undisputed king of American sportswear.

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In a fashion landscape increasingly dominated by big luxury brands and their traveling runway shows and hype, Lauren’s intimate, heartfelt presentation was a refreshing reminder of the power of simplicity, elegance and staying true to one’s roots.

As the models walked from the show to the Polo Bar for dinner, still wearing their runway looks and carrying their street clothes in brown paper shopping bags, they embodied the effortless, timeless charm that has made Ralph Lauren an icon for more than half a century. And while it may not have been a stealth social media campaign, as one model joked, it would certainly make for a great ad – a testament to the enduring appeal of Ralph Lauren’s vision of American style.

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