Reebok joins forces with Futureverse for a groundbreaking leap into the metaverse

Reebok partners with Futureverse to revolutionize fashion and technology through "Reebok Impact," an innovative venture into AI and the metaverse that redefines digital and physical consumer interactions.
December 8, 2023
Reebok joins forces with Futureverse for a groundbreaking leap into the metaverse
©Photo: Reebok

In a groundbreaking move, Reebok has announced a partnership with Futureverse, a leading artificial intelligence and metaverse content company based in Los Angeles. This bold move heralds a new era for the iconic sneaker brand as it ventures into the realms of AI, Web 3.0, gaming and metaverse experiences.

The initiative, dubbed “Reebok Impact” and set to launch in 2024, marks a significant milestone in Reebok’s journey. The collaboration aims to enhance the brand’s interaction with its customers by offering them immersive experiences in footwear and apparel. While the announcement is tight-lipped on specifics, it teases a “mind- and heart-melting digital footwear experience,” hinting at a transformative journey for consumers to engage with artificial intelligence for the first time.

Daniel W. Dienst, executive vice chairman of tactical opportunities at Authentic Brands Group, Reebok’s parent company, sees this partnership as a game-changer. He believes it redefines the confluence of fashion, technology and culture. For Reebok, it represents a pivotal evolution in its brand story.

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Reebok is no stranger to digital. In 2021, the brand collaborated with rapper A$AP Nast on an NFT collection. Last year, Reebok filed a trademark application for the metaverse, joining the ranks of other sneaker and fashion giants like Nike, adidas, Puma, Gucci, Versace and signaling its intent to be a major player in this burgeoning space.

Reebok joins forces with Futureverse for a groundbreaking leap into the metaverse
©Photo: Reebok

Futureverse co-founders Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald echoed Reebok’s “life is not a spectator sport” ethos in a statement. They highlighted the partnership as a fusion of shared beliefs in active participation and travel. The goal? To redefine digital fashion. This collaboration invites consumers into a world where their digital presence is as influential as their physical one. It’s about pioneering a digital frontier where every step tells a story, and every story shapes our world.

What makes this deal different is Futureverse itself, a composite of 11 different companies. It brings a unique mix of AI and metaverse focus, along with a commitment to content. Futureverse is currently developing a music and entertainment AI platform and a text-to-music platform called JEN-1 on Alibaba’s cloud.

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