Richard Quinn Fall/Winter 2023 - London Fashion Week

Richard Quinn Fall/Winter 2023 – London Fashion Week

February 20, 2023

London-based fashion designer Richard Quinn recently presented his Fall/Winter 2023 collection in a stunning and unforgettable manner. The scent of fresh flowers, thousands of roses, greeted visitors as they entered the portal into Quinn’s set. The atmosphere was further elevated by the presence of the English Chamber Orchestra and the London Bach Choir, who performed while models showcased the designer’s pieces.

Quinn’s aim was to evoke “a sort of overwhelming love-reaction to the clothes” and his focus was not on spectacle, but on the beauty and craftsmanship of his designs. The collection was a departure from his previous, more performative style, and instead featured a softness and elegance, with a nod to the classic Parisian haute couture that has always inspired him.

The designer’s love for the artisanal craft of fashion was evident in the intricate details of the pieces, with every tiny sequin and pearl adding to the overall effect. Visitors to the House of Quinn, Quinn’s new London-based store, can expect to experience some of the emotion of the show in their visit.

With the summer wedding season in full swing, Quinn also presented a beautiful collection of bridal gowns, with options for every taste, from corseted to chiffon. The designer has built a significant bridal business, especially for international clients, and the all-white “ethereal, angelic” vision of hope offered by the collection left many in the audience moved to tears.

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