Richard Quinn Fall-Winter 2024 - London Fashion Week

Richard Quinn Fall/Winter 2024 – London Fashion Week

Richard Quinn's Fall/Winter 2024 stuns with bridal gowns and timeless elegance. Imagine: Hollywood glam, heirloom pieces, and sustainable luxury in a floral-filled show.
February 20, 2024

Step into a luxurious ballroom adorned with cascading florals and imagine a symphony of silk gowns, each a masterpiece waiting to be admired. This was the magic of Richard Quinn‘s Fall/Winter 2024 show, a mesmerizing ode to timeless elegance and the enduring allure of couture.

Gone are the subversive elements that once defined Quinn’s designs. Instead, the spotlight shines on breathtaking gowns with whispers of Hollywood glamor from a bygone era. Think demure black velvet columns adorned with dramatic jabots, satin lapels as smooth as clotted cream, and delicate fabric rosettes adorning shoulders.

But the true stars of the show are the nearly dozen white wedding gowns, each a vision of ethereal beauty. Lush tulles dance around embellished bodices, while cascading veils add a touch of romanticism. As couture devotee Suzanne Saperstein aptly remarked, “Like a wedding!

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These are dresses designed to be cherished forever. “Clothes to be cherished forever,” Quinn himself declared, and it’s a sentiment echoed in the heirloom quality of his creations. Imagine a mother passing down a stunning ivory gown to her daughter, a tangible thread connecting generations.

While Quinn’s show might seem like a departure from the edgy London fashion scene, it caters to a distinct niche: the affluent, international clientele seeking timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. His vertical business model ensures complete control, from in-house printing and cutting to beading collaborations. Every detail is meticulously overseen, resulting in pieces that are as luxurious as they are sustainable.

Nothing gets wasted,” Quinn declares, referring to the 900 square meters of his signature floral fabric used for the show’s backdrop, now destined for a second life at a lavish event. This commitment to sustainability adds another layer of appeal to his demi-couture creations.

The show was a resounding success. Thunderous applause echoed through the ballroom, and clients eagerly pointed out their favorites, envisioning them gracing a special occasion or becoming cherished heirlooms.

As Quinn explains, “It’s: What would a mother pass on to her daughter? It was kind of reacting against the idea of brands, logos, and hype… instead it was what we’re about: working with the client, understanding what sells, but also showing what we feel could go from a mother to a daughter.”

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©Photo: Richard Quinn