Richard Quinn Spring Summer 2023 - London Fashion Week

Richard Quinn Spring/Summer 2023 – London Fashion Week

September 22, 2022

In her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II only attended one London runway show, and that was Richard Quinn’s in 2018, when she handed him the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.

And, naturally, it was her queen that Quinn thought of as he presented his Spring/Summer 2023 collection, closing London Fashion Week. So, Richard Quinn honored the Queen, with his two-in-one collection – the first was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II, with 22 additional looks, and the second was the show he had originally planned months before her death.

The show space was changed at the last minute, draping its walls with black curtains and carpets, and there were several television screens hanging in the middle of the room showing video footage of the queen’s youth.

The opening of the collection was a series of all-black looks in remembrance and mourning of the queen. Next came the second part of the collection, with multi-colored bulbous-topped bodysuits, his signature floral coats, feathered polka-dot embroideries, a pair of short bejeweled capes.

Richard Quinn Spring Summer 2023 - London Fashion Week

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