Robert Wun Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2024

Robert Wun Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024

Parisian shadows dance with moonlight as Robert Wun unveils a decade of dark dreamscapes, where horror blooms in couture and blood becomes brushstroke.
January 28, 2024

With the echoes of last season’s blood-soaked dresses still lingering, Robert Wun once again took to the Paris runway, this time painting a stunning canvas of a decade in fashion. It was a cathartic exorcism of his creative spirit, a love letter to his journey and a chillingly beautiful testament to the transformative power of horror in haute couture.

Wun’s muse, a spectral hand unfurling a crimson dress, set the tone for a show that played with darkness and delicacy in equal measure. Rain glistened on crystal-embroidered silk, mirroring the cascading tears of a mourning dove. Shards of mirror, a silent homage to The Matrix’s Trinity, adorned a coat as a testament to the sacrifices of love. Gowns spun from the nightmares of classic horror films pulsed with otherworldly hues, each thread whispering tales of unseen horrors.

But it was in this macabre ballet that Robert Wun’s mastery of draping blossomed. Fabrics like liquid moonlight caressed the body in whispered promises of one-shouldered elegance and electric blue ruffles that danced with devilish sway. Beadwork, as intricate as cobwebs, cascaded down gowns in emerald streams, each a glittering testament to his meticulous technique.

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Humour, always a sly companion in Wun’s work, peeked through in cheeky cat’s-eye glasses glinting above beaded headpieces and in a Maleficent-meets-mantis headgear perched atop a corseted masterpiece. But the finale, a blood-red dress with a phantom appendage clinging to the model’s back, wasn’t just a sartorial coup; it was a nod to the genre that fuels his visions, a playful dare to embrace darkness for the sake of a singular, unforgettable statement.

Robert Wun’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 is a window into the mind of a creative titan, a decade-long chronicle of fear and fascination rendered in exquisite fabrics and daring silhouettes. It’s a love song to the horror genre, a celebration of vulnerability and a defiant declaration that beauty can bloom even in the shadows. This is Robert Wun at his best, a maestro of dreamscapes where blood is brushstroke and moonlight is his muse.

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©Photo: Robert Wun