Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024 presents a fusion of wilderness and urban chic, showcasing Fausto Puglisi's innovative designs with sleek silhouettes and bold prints for the modern woman.
December 17, 2023

For Pre-Fall 2024, Roberto Cavalli‘s Creative director Fausto Puglisi has outdone himself, creating a line that seamlessly blends the untamed spirit of the Argentinian pampas and Arizona desert with the polished sophistication of urban life.


The essence of Roberto Cavalli’s legacy comes alive in this collection. Puglisi’s designs are a testament to versatility, transitioning flawlessly from daytime sophistication to nighttime elegance. At the heart of the collection are slim and streamlined silhouettes, a deliberate choice that accentuates the strength and grace of today’s woman.

Puglisi’s innovative approach is evident in the meticulous selection of prints. The collection features an allover appaloosa photographic motif, a fresh take on Cavalli’s famous animal theme. This motif, along with the graphic bandana pattern available in various color combinations, pays homage to the American dream, a recurring inspiration in Puglisi’s work.


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But the prints aren’t the only eye-catching elements. Malachite, a symbol of strength and protection, is a recurring element throughout the collection. It’s seen both as an overarching pattern on breezy chiffon dresses and devore velvet styles, and as an intricate detail on the buttons of impeccably tailored blazers and outerwear.

The dresses in Roberto Cavalli’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection, particularly the bias-cut twill frocks, are a blend of femininity and ease. Meanwhile, the lightweight chenille styles offer a modern take on luxurious comfort that caresses the skin. Puglisi also introduces cloud-like puffy blankets alongside sleek leather trenches and velvet devore robes, adding a layer of sensual opulence to the lineup.

The footwear in this collection is a statement in itself. Tubular boots and pumps with a unique fang-shaped heel, enameled for a horn-like effect, accentuate the collection’s elongated silhouettes. The iconic Roar bag makes a comeback in new color options and a functional, roomy version, always adorned with the signature tiger heads, ensuring that practicality doesn’t sacrifice style.

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©Photo: Roberto Cavalli