Rodarte - Spring Summer 2020 - New York Fashion Week

Rodarte – Spring/Summer 2021 – New York Fashion Week

September 17, 2020

For Spring/Summer 2021, Kate and Laura Mulleavy – the LA-based duo behind fashion brand Rodarte – said their collection was builded as ‘’a reflection of the creative spirit and artistic interaction that we have shared as sisters over the years’’.

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From the brand’s very inception, Rodarte collections have been treading the line between fashion and art since with ethereal, conceptual dresses, gowns, and suiting filled with tulle explosions, bold fabrics, kaleidoscopic prints, and floral motifs. Many of the vestures were bed-worthy separates for a stay-at-home lifestyle (think fanciful silk floral-printed pajamas and sweatshirts with lace and ruffle details), all dreamish and almost fairytale-like.

The Spring/Summer 2021 line was photographed on six models posing outdoors, with floral wreaths framing their faces or with vibrant roses resting behind both of their ears. The images convey a sense of whimsy, filling our emptying tanks of optimism with hope for brighter, safer days.