Sacai Fall Winter 2021

Sacai Fall/Winter 2021

May 29, 2021

Sacai’s creative director Chitose Abe offered a very personal vision of what fashion would look like in a post-pandemic scenario.

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For the online presentation of Sacai’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the Sacai team recreated Tokyo’s frenetic Shibuya Crossing in a film studio outside the city, using a computer-generated backdrop, and landed a helicopter in the middle of the intersection that in real life is too thronged with people for such a feat.

I wanted to show the beauty of the city by creating this video, and showing the reality, but also a not-so-realistic aspect of it”, she said via Zoom. “Something like this could never happen, a helicopter landing in one of the busiest crossings in Tokyo. So I wanted to realize that through this video: something impossible, to make it possible”.

The result was garments that were dyed in shades ranging from red to beige through electric blue and white or black. Among them, the pieces with elongated proportions and shrunken shoulders set off by overlong sleeves, the skirts with flowing silhouettes and the profusion of knitwear, including a sparkly black floor-length dress.

And of course, the chic and functional outerwear, with options ranging from a puffer jacket spliced with a trenchcoat, to a shearling bomber jacket with an extra-wide ribbed waist and furry sleeves.