Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023

July 10, 2023
Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023

Evoke the contours of fashion’s power era, blend it with modern sensibilities, and what do you get? The answer is the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023 collection. Under the creative guidance of Anthony Vaccarello, the collection puts forth an intriguing fusion of robust design and modern-day nonchalance.

The Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023 collection is a bold testament to the age-old adage: the past can always be reimagined. Anthony Vaccarello, the maestro behind this symphony of fashion, has been escalating shoulders beyond typical proportions for several seasons. While drawing from the high-gloss era of fashion – namely the late ’70s through to the nascent ’90s – Vaccarello has established a fresh narrative that speaks volumes about his sartorial genius.

These power-shoulders graced the runway, accentuating the masculinity of overcoats. Yet, the power lay not just in size, but in detail – dark glasses, door-knocker hoop earrings, and spike-heeled black boots made for a thrilling spectacle. As leather and shearling jackets made their appearance, the essence of Tess McGill reverberated through the room – “Six thousand dollars and it is leather!“.

But the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023 collection is more than a nostalgic trip down the runway. It dismantles the outdated connotations attached to power dressing, challenging the observer to reimagine fashion’s relationship with authority and status. Vaccarello skillfully amplifies the aesthetics of the power era, yet he cleverly strips it of its traditional associations. Instead, his vision ushers in a refreshing take on modern sartorial expression – an androgynous beauty, hair disheveled in a nonchalant fashion, and a casual attitude that envelopes the collection.

Vaccarello’s designs are not bound by time. They celebrate the present while nodding to the past. The Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2023 collection is a predecessor to the designer’s Fall/Winter collection, already creating ripples in the fashion world. However, the chronological confusion often associated with pre-collections – familiarly known as the “Christopher Nolan syndrome” – does little to hinder the impact of Vaccarello’s creations. His designs remain firmly anchored in the present, offering a sophisticated blend of elegance and structure to the contemporary fashion enthusiast.

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