Scarf trends for Spring/Summer 2024 – This season, it’s all about the neck

Spring/Summer 2024 reimagines the scarf, transforming it from winter warrior to playful statement piece. From ZEGNA's earthy tones to St. Agni's wild leather, embrace the unexpected and redefine your necklines this season.
February 21, 2024
Zegna Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Forget the days of stuffy ties and cumbersome scarves relegated to winter’s harsh embrace. Men and women’s fashion has turned its gaze upwards, and the neck has emerged as the unlikely epicenter of sartorial adventure. This season, a surprising hero reigns supreme: the dainty scarf. From the sun-drenched runways of Milan to the resort collections of Australia, this accessory is shedding its traditional skin and morphing into a playful yet sophisticated statement piece for Spring/Summer 2024. From dainty bandanas to luxurious silks, this versatile piece adds a touch of personality and polish to any outfit.


The origins of this revolution are multifaceted. Perhaps it was Prada’s audacious detachable collars that ignited the spark, or the recent red carpet’s embrace of ruffles and brooches. Regardless of the catalyst, the focus has shifted from chest to neck, with scarves emerging as the latest weapon in a gentleman’s sartorial arsenal.

Zegna Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s
Zegna Spring/Summer 2024. ©Photo: Zegna

But ditch your preconceptions of bulky winter knits. Spring/Summer 2024 embraces delicate fabrics and playful motifs. Imagine the effortless drapes of Giorgio Armani’s silk scarves, nonchalantly slung over bare chests, evoking the carefree spirit of La Dolce Vita. Zegna, on the other hand, offers a more grounded take, presenting slubby wool scarves tied loosely around the neck in earthy tones. These add a touch of intellectual cool to their relaxed silhouettes, perfect for the man who values comfort and style in equal measure.


However, the scarf revolution isn’t confined to muted elegance. For those with a wilder spirit, St. Agni offers a captivating alternative. Their sleek, minimalist ensembles were punctuated by black leather bandanas, channeling both the rebellious energy of Berlin club nights and the rugged swagger of the Wild West. This bandana revival injects a dose of unexpected edge into your outfit, perfectly complementing the current cowboy aesthetic.

Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s
Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2024. ©Photo: Giorgio Armani

If you seek textural intrigue, delve into the world of Marina Afonina at Albus Lumen. Imagine bone-colored linen and shimmering silks transformed into neck scarves, each a unique canvas for her artistry. The true showstoppers, however, are the glistening, beaded creations – scarves wreathed in pearls and obsidian, elevating the humble accessory to a dazzling centerpiece.

The beauty of the Spring/Summer 2024 scarf trend lies in its inherent versatility. Whether you’re drawn to the understated luxury of silk or the edgy appeal of leather, there’s a scarf out there waiting to become your sartorial signature. Here are some key inspirations to spark your journey:

For the Intellectual Soul

Channel Zegna with a lightweight wool scarf, loosely tied around the neck in earthy tones. This laid-back approach adds a touch of depth and nuance to your everyday outfits.

Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s
Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2024. ©Photo: Giorgio Armani

Embrace the Italian Riviera

Take a leaf out of Giorgio Armani‘s book and drape a silk scarf ( a kind of cheich) over your bare chest or over an oversized jacket. Choose vibrant colors for a playful touch, or keep it classic with muted tones.

Unleash your Inner Wrangler

Channel your inner cowboy (or Berghain regular) with a black leather bandana like St. Agni’s. This unexpected accessory adds a touch of rebellion to minimal ensembles.

Elevate your Look

Embrace texture and embellishments like Marina Afonina. Choose a beaded scarf or one crafted from luxurious fabrics like silk to add instant sophistication.

Beyond Seasons

The scarf revolution transcends seasonal limitations. While the focus currently lies on lightweight fabrics for spring and summer, don’t shy away from experimenting with textural options like cashmere or wool for cooler months.

With its adaptability and diverse range of styles, scarf is an invitation to play. So, ditch the bulky knits and embrace the delicate touch of a scarf. Your neck will thank you for it, and your style will be anything but ordinary.