Schiaparelli Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Schiaparelli Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

After loud seasons, Schiaparelli whispers with the Fall 2024 collection, focusing on wearable luxury and understated elegance. Daniel Roseberry prioritizes brand equity over celebrity dressing.
March 2, 2024

Daniel Roseberry, the Creative director at Schiaparelli, has always known how to grab attention. Since his arrival, he’s delivered viral moments and celebrity looks, firmly establishing the brand in the fashion conversation. But for Fall/Winter 2024, Roseberry took a surprising turn, opting for a quieter, more grounded direction.


Gone were the elaborate sets and showstopping pieces that defined his previous collections. Instead, Roseberry presented 40 looks in a darkened room, signaling a shift towards “building something that will take the buzz and convert it into brand equity,” as he explained during a preview.

This season, Roseberry focused on wearable luxury, offering chic takes on current trends like the Western look, with high-waisted suits and cowboy boots embellished with surrealist touches. He didn’t completely abandon his signature theatricality, though. Bold outerwear pieces featured oversized embellishments and playful details, while a miniskirt with a giant gold button sparked conversation.


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However, the eveningwear leaned towards understated elegance, with monochrome gowns and sleek black separates. “I really feel like there’s confidence in simplicity,” Roseberry said. “For me, this is really about something more bare, something more raw.”

This newfound focus on wearability reflects Roseberry’s desire to move beyond the realm of celebrity dressing and establish Schiaparelli as a brand that offers everyday pieces for the modern woman. It’s a departure from his previous, attention-grabbing approach, but one that suggests a maturing brand with a clearer vision for the future.

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