Simkhai Fall/Winter 2023 - New York Fashion Week

Simkhai Fall/Winter 2023 – New York Fashion Week

February 14, 2023

Fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai has recently undergone a significant rebranding effort for his company, including removing his first name from the brand name to make it easier to pronounce and visualize. This change was accompanied by a new “S” logo that was displayed on the three finale looks of his recent runway show.

During a backstage interview, Simkhai explained that the world has been “upside down” with a lot of craziness, and he wanted to design a collection that felt grounded and real. He focused on the construction of classic designs with modern twists, such as adding leather belts to tailored clothing and exposing darts on a partially pin-striped topcoat.

This season, Simkhai aimed to bring a new attitude to the brand by emphasizing toughness, with an emphasis on masculine versus feminine styles. He showcased an amped-up assortment of leather layers and chunky boots, which looked best when paired with softer silhouettes like bodywear and mixed-rib jumpers.

Simkhai also contrasted this idea with pretty fluid frocks featuring liquid-like crystal prints created in collaboration with visual artist George Harvey. The result was delicate knit dresses and embroidered lace gowns, said to embody the powers of the crystal. These ideas were woven together with Simkhai’s closing crystalized looks, featuring his new logo.