Simone Rocha Fall Winter 2021 - London Fashion Week

Simone Rocha Fall/Winter 2021 – London Fashion Week

February 25, 2021

A firm believer that opposites attract, Simone Rocha sought to channel for Fall/Winter 2021 a ‘’fragile rebel’’ in every garment she designed.

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‘’Fragile rebels. It’s about being very protective and hiding the fragility – then having a flower creeping through the collection. Flowers that then kind of become the dresses. I love that visceral feeling you get from shows, and I’m devastated people won’t see it in person’’, she admitted. ‘’But it made me want to make things that are even more tactile’’.

As much of the design world grapples with what clothing should look like in a pandemic reality, Rocha was sticking with the signatures, rather than trying to pivot into sweatpants or loungewear, that have earned her a reputation and a following: oversized silhouettes, lots of tulle and an air of goth romanticism.

Practically, that means juxtaposing delicate details like tulle, ruffles and floral embroidery with leather moto jacket details and chunky, thick-soled shoes. The collection also nods to the romance of winter roses, floral embroidery, and Bridgeton-inspired details while also referencing fashion’s patchwork trend with deconstructed designs inspired by wallpaper prints and stained-glass windows.

©Simone Rocha