Sportmax Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Sportmax Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

March 7, 2021

Strong women from different decades, from Claude Cahun and Grace Jones to Annie Lennox and Sinead O’Connor, served as inspiration for the sense of strength and empowerment that Sportmax fashion director Grazia Malagoli infused in her Fall/Winter 2021 collection titled ‘’Remember All Tomorrow’s Parties’’.

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‘’It’s an Ode to Womanhood, based on iconographic research that explores the concept of time and that reflects on the mythology of a statuesque totem, as re-elaborated and replicated representation throughout various historic epochs. It is also a nod to the empowered, authentic, free women, who have expressed themselves with the same inhibition with which they ventu-red outside social norms and transcended preconceived archetypes’’, shared Sportmax team in their collection notes.

For Fall/Winter 2021, there was a characteristic emphasis on simplicity. The colour palette was largely monochrome – crisp head-to-toe white or delicious chocolate brown suiting – and the silhouettes were smart updates on classic shapes.

Within the fifty new looks sent down the fashion week’s digital only runway, leather materials stand out for Sportmax once again. The brand is already well known for quality leather craftsmanship, this time the material was used for outerwear but also shirts, skirts and dresses. The season appropriate knitwear was designed with a nod to transparency, the designers have used for the see-through knit pieces soft mohair threads.

‘’Sportmax was born with the intention of dressing a new, rising generation of young girls, with new needs and desires’’, Grazia Malagoli said. ‘’Those girls have now grown into real women, with more complex and dynamic lives. Sportmax evolved, and continues to evolve, with them by creating clothes which are up-to-date and meet their specific needs’’.