Sportmax Spring Summer 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

Sportmax Spring/Summer 2023 – Milan Fashion Week

September 29, 2022

Known and recognized for its way of combining its luxury DNA with a mismatched style where all unexpected associations are allowed, Sportmax, Max Mara’s little sister, unveiled a colorful Spring/Summer 2023 wardrobe whose theme this season was based on a long-debated psychological question: do shapes have a sound?

The concept was expanded and resulted in an intriguing collection, centered around visual and tactile sensations. Clothes were deconstructed, sometimes as if undone, like this powder pink skirt whose perfect illusion suggests that the fabric is elegantly tangled. From turning skirts with clean edges were born layering, like millefeuilles, or shimmering fabrics were assembled or draped in a hurry to make long skirts or dresses with trains. Not forgetting ensembles made only of PVC strips and associated with vinyl waders or LSD prints.

Sportmax Spring Summer 2023 - Milan Fashion Week