Tom Ford Fall Winter 2021

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2021

March 15, 2021

‘’A more casual way to be extravagant’’. This was Tom Ford’s answer to figure out what people would want to wear after spending a year in sweats.

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The Fall/Winter 2021 collection was inspired by the style of American actress Edie Sedgwick, as well as with the 60’s and the 80’s fashion.

His woman was at once more provocative than any he’s shown in years but also reflective of new corona-time dress codes. ‘’The slight deconstruction of luxurious pieces is something that I feel will be a legacy of the pandemic for a few seasons to come’’, he wrote.

So there were dangerously skimpy leather shorts and microminis, jeans practically bleached to X-rays with the perfect crease in the leg and fringe at the ankle, both with little gold chain details at the waist. There also were frothy Zoom tops in lace and net were paired with bleached jeans, and dresses took their cues either from stretchy activewear or lingerie.

Sexiness was always in rendez-vous, this season too. (This is still Tom Ford, after all). ‘’I love short skirts. I always have’’, he wrote. ‘’This season, I like the shortest of the short. Dangerously short skirts and the tiniest of shorts, skinny pants, stirrup pants and leggings worn with slouchy, oversized mohair knitwear. Large volume on top, small and tight on the bottom’’.


©Tom Ford